Beauty Tony Moly Daily Aloe Mask I used to buy sheet masks from an online Korean beauty store for $1 each, but in recent years that price has risen as sheet masks have gained popularity at stores like Sephora and Ulta that sell them for $3-6 each. I continued to buy them anyways simply because I […]

Kevin and I both recently moved — Kevin across the Bay and I back home to SoCal. Because of that, we’ll both be spending less time in San Francisco than we have in the past several years. As that chapter of our lives closes, we’re taking a look back on all our favorite places in […]

While on vacation in the Philippines, my family and I visited the Ayala Museum. As a Pilipina American, I grew up not having been adequately taught about the history of my motherland and so in recent years, I have been more active in seeking out information about my ancestral history. I was excited to see what […]

(Disclaimer: There are “spoilers” ahead, but considering the film is based on historical events, are they really spoilers?) Having been educated in the American school system, the battle and evacuation of Dunkirk is something I had never heard of prior to this film. It’s a shame, really, considering it’s not only a decisive moment during […]

  Books Born a Crime by Trevor Noah I’m a fan of Trevor Noah’s standup and his work as host of The Daily Show, so I knew to expect the same intelligent wit in his writing as well. But while this book definitely has a comedic undertone, he mixes in some seriousness as he discusses his […]

My family is from the Philippines and we’ve been going there almost every summer, but this year was extra special because our main reason for traveling was to attend my cousin’s wedding. The wedding ceremony was held on July 1 at Chapel on the Hill in Tagaytay City, Cavite. The reception was held at Mariel’s Garden […]

For Memorial Day weekend, we took a short road trip along the northern California coast. One of our first stops was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Because it was a holiday weekend, it was difficult to find parking and the place was packed. But making it through the crowd was most definitely worth it. After spending several hours […]