For Memorial Day weekend, we took a short road trip along the northern California coast. One of our first stops was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Because it was a holiday weekend, it was difficult to find parking and the place was packed. But making it through the crowd was most definitely worth it. After spending several hours […]

New York is filled with iconic landmarks, but Central Park is up there on the list as one of the most iconic. It’s featured in virtually every show and film based in the city, and when you visit the park it’s not hard to see why. The beautiful greenery makes for the perfect picturesque backdrop, […]

It’s been years since I’ve been to New York, but I often find myself thinking of the city and dreaming of when I will return. As someone who grew up in the suburbs, there’s something about the hustle and bustle of the big city that I find so captivating. As most tourists do during their […]

  Beauty I don’t have new beauty favorites often because I tend to stick to the same products for years at a time. But I recently rediscovered my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade and realized it had completely dried out, so I was desperate for ways to make the most of the product I had left. […]

Never before have I come across a show that I felt so compelled to watch over and over again, let alone write about. Maybe it was my ability to relate to him as an Asian American born to immigrant parents, or maybe it was the fact that we’ve both lived in Davis, CA (#GoAgs), but […]

Lately, I’ve been feeling unmotivated and uninspired—in writing and in life overall. These are some words of advice to myself and anyone else in need of inspiration. Take a break from your daily routine It’s nice to establish a routine: it allows you to manage your time wisely and complete daily tasks efficiently, making for […]

We recently visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It was packed but after spending a few hours there, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. With 7 floors of paintings, photography, sculptures, installations, and films, there’s something to suit everybody’s artistic taste. One of the first collections was the Open Ended Exhibition, which […]