5 Lessons Learned While Traveling

While it is rewarding in itself to walk within historical cities, visit ancient ruins, and witness the breathtakingly beautiful scenery this planet has to offer, traveling provides us with an education unmatched by what can be taught in a lecture hall. Venturing into the unknown, both while traveling and in everyday life, can be daunting. By traveling, we can learn to face the various challenges of the world head-on with newfound confidence.

1. Expect and Accept Change It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, especially while traveling, but it can hold us back when we feel the need to stick to the itinerary at all times. Things won’t always go the way we imagine, for better or worse, and that’s okay. It’s important to learn how to improvise and be flexible in order to tackle whatever situations life throws our way.

2. Stick to the Bare Necessities Our generation is hooked on getting latest and greatest technology, the trendiest clothes, etc. While there is nothing wrong with that, packing within a weight limit forces us to stick to the essentials. Going a few weeks or even just a few days without our entire collection of possessions can make us realize how superfluous a majority of them are. This realization is essential in identifying the unnecessary aspects of our lives, material as well as abstract, in order to determine what is truly important to us.

3. Live in the Moment In the age of social media, we tend to get so caught up in capturing the moment that we forget to live in it. As great as it can be to get a lot of likes and favorites, chances are it isn’t as rewarding as experiencing a new city for the first time and simply enjoying an escape from the mundane. It can be difficult, but it is liberating to put our phones away while on traveling, even just for a little while.

4. Keep an Open Mind Foreign cultures may seem so different from our own, sometimes to the point of being off-putting, but foreigners may see our cultural habits in the same light. This occurs abroad, but it occurs in our own countries as well. Every community is beautifully diverse, but not everyone is capable of embracing the different cultures that exist within their society. By traveling and experiencing other cultures firsthand, we have the opportunity to develop an open mind and become more accepting of difference.

5. You Are Not Alone It’s easy to feel as if we are the only people facing hardships in our lives, to feel as if we are small and insignificant in the larger global community. When we travel, we encounter people from different backgrounds from different parts of the world and it’s a reassuring reminder that everyone everywhere is experiencing their own struggles as well as joys. Despite how hard things may seem in our own lives, there will always be someone who has it better and someone who has it worse. We’re all just trying to make it through life and enjoy it along the way.

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