How To Get Better In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive / Tips

  1. Play against and with people who are better than you! You can learn new things from them!
  2. Don’t worry about winning/losing/ranking but worry about improving! You can always worry about that later!
  3. Don’t look at people’s feet when you walk around in CS:GO! Try and aim around head level!
  4. Always try and go for headshots when you shoot enemies!
  5. Workshop training maps are really helpful! They help practice your aims if you are having troubles shooting.
  6. Smokes are very useful in this game, watch YouTube tutorial videos in how to smoke different areas for the maps you play in. They will help your team and yourself when you are rushing or defending a site! (I personally need to learn them)

Will add more to this! In the mean time, watch this montage of Mac-10 B-Rush that my friend created! 🙂


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