Central Park | NYC Photo Diary

New York is filled with iconic landmarks, but Central Park is up there on the list as one of the most iconic. It’s featured in virtually every show and film based in the city, and when you visit the park it’s not hard to see why. The beautiful greenery makes for the perfect picturesque backdrop, and the park has a lively ambiance, as people from all walks of life stroll through—tourists visiting for the first time, New Yorkers on a quick lunch break, couples on a romantic day out.


As an avid Beatles fan, I made it a point to stop by Strawberry Fields, a memorial dedicated to John Lennon, who was shot outside The Dakota just a short walk away. Almost 40 years later, fans still flock to the site and leave flowers, candles, and framed portraits of the late musician to pay him homage.

The space is serene, with people sitting on the benches surrounding the “Imagine” tiled mosaic, playing the guitar and singing Lennon’s songs. It was beautiful to see music bringing people—even complete strangers—together.


Central Park is massive, so of course, I was unable to able to see everything the park has to offer. I would love to go back one day to explore further, perhaps during fall or winter to see what the atmosphere is like with the colder weather.

What are your favorite things to see and do in Central Park?

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