March Favorites | Books, Movies, Music

I don’t know if this was just the case for me, but unlike February, March seemed to go on forever. That being said, I feel like I’ve had quite a bit of time to accumulate a lot more new favorites than usual. Brace yourselves—this is gonna be a long one. Books Crazy Rich Asians by … Continue reading March Favorites | Books, Movies, Music


Reading List for Pilipino American History Month | October 2017

In honor of Pilipino American History Month, I compiled a list of books written by Pilipino and Pilipino American writers that I plan on reading throughout the month. If you're interested in learning more about Pilipino American history and heritage, hopefully this list provides you with the resources to do so. Noli Me Tangere and … Continue reading Reading List for Pilipino American History Month | October 2017

July Favorites

  Books Born a Crime by Trevor Noah I'm a fan of Trevor Noah's standup and his work as host of The Daily Show, so I knew to expect the same intelligent wit in his writing as well. But while this book definitely has a comedic undertone, he mixes in some seriousness as he discusses his … Continue reading July Favorites