Deck The Halls | Christmas Decor 2017

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I get into the Christmas spirit as soon as it hits November 1, but this year flew by so fast I didn’t even realize how quickly the holidays were approaching. I figured if I didn’t put up decorations now, it’d be too late. So my family and I spent the weekend decorating and for the first time in years, we stocked up on some new and exciting decor. I’m really happy with what we did and I wanted to share it with y’all. I enjoy seeing how other people decorate their homes for the holidays; it gives me inspiration for future Christmases and also just makes me really happy. And I hope this does the same for you too.

DSC_1128 (1)DSC_1123 copy (1).jpgDSC_1103DSC_1097DSC_1105DSC_1117DSC_1118DSC_1211DSC_1217DSC_1230DSC_1196DSC_1185DSC_1156


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