August 2017 Favorites


Tony Moly Daily Aloe Mask

I used to buy sheet masks from an online Korean beauty store for $1 each, but in recent years that price has risen as sheet masks have gained popularity at stores like Sephora and Ulta that sell them for $3-6 each. I continued to buy them anyways simply because I loved sheet masks, but they can add up after a while.

Then I discovered Tony Moly’s pack of 10 aloe sheet masks priced at $8.50.  Not only is that a great deal, but there’s a noticeable difference in my skin’s hydration after using it, which can’t be said of all masks. The packaging could be better — all 10 masks are stuck together in a resealable package, as opposed to individually packaged masks — but for the price and quality, I can’t complain.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick

The struggle with matte liquid lipsticks tends to be finding a balance between longevity and comfort. The most long-wearing liquid lipsticks tend to be drying and uncomfortable to wear, while the most moisturizing ones tend to wear off quickly. This Sephora lippie is a happy medium — it’s super comfortable to wear, to the point that I forget I’m wearing lipstick at times, but it’s also long-lasting with little transfer (at least with the shades I’ve tried). My favorites are 41 Vintage Rosewood and 01 Always Red, but they have a wide variety of shades to suit virtually every skin tone and every makeup look.





I’ve dedicated an entire post to this Christopher Nolan film and why I love it, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s one of those films that stick with you, and you find yourself thinking about it even days after watching it. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you do.

Princess Diana documentaries

With the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death this past August 31, many cable television networks aired documentaries about the late royal. I was barely 2 years old when she died, so I didn’t know much about her, but I was curious about all the attention regarding her death anniversary. I found myself sucked into all the documentaries, wondering how someone around my age could have possibly handled all that she experienced, and at the end of it, I felt inspired by how she faced everything with such grace and heart despite the turmoil within. Just from watching those tapes and hearing her speak, it’s clear why she was widely loved and regarded as the People’s Princess.


Rangoli by Pavana Reddy


I came across Pavana’s poems on Instagram and I instantly connected with her work. It’s hard sometimes to connect with poetry, but it was so easy to relate to her poetry because it felt as if it was written just for me. I instantly ordered her book, and it did not disappoint. It was emotionally cathartic to read — I cried, got chills, and I found myself pausing after every few pages to reflect on how her words so perfectly captured the experience of women of color born to immigrant mothers. The imagery of the earth, roots, and flowers in connection to brown skin, our cultural roots, and ourselves blossoming from them was so eloquently executed throughout. After finishing the book I not only felt empowered but wanted to read it all over again.

Nikita Gill

Like Reddy, I discovered this poet on Instagram and was instantly hooked. The poem I transcribed below is one that really hits home, and I printed it out to have on my desk as motivation in everything I do.

Your ancestors did not survive

everything that nearly ended them

for you to shrink yourself

to make someone else


This sacrifice is your warcry, be loud,

be everything and make them proud.


Naimonu James

I found this website through a friend who had posted her horoscope for that week, saying how completely accurate it was. I’m generally skeptical of astrology, my previous experience with astrology being limited to newspaper and magazine horoscopes, but I decided to check it out anyway.  It turned out to be eerily accurate in terms of what I was experiencing and the type of advice I needed at the moment, but I thought “hm, maybe it’s just a coincidence.” Yet week after week, I’m surprised to see that Naimonu knows exactly what to say to help me through whatever obstacles I may be facing. Even if you’re a skeptic, as I was before this, I think it’s worth checking out for some encouraging words of advice and reminders of self-care.

What were your favorites during the month of August? Share them in the comments below!

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